Edible CBD

HempDox CBD Edible

HempDox CBD Tincture is an extraction of active cannabinoids from plant material. Cannabis contains many chemicals that can either upset the stomach or taste nasty. One of the goals of extraction is to secure the cannabinoids while leaving out as many of the terpenes and chlorophylls as possible. Both heat and light adversely affect cannabinoids and should be avoided or minimized. HempDox CBD Tincture should be stored in airtight dark glass containers kept at room temperature or below. Avoid plastic containers. The ethanol in the tincture may solubilize some of the free vinyls in the plastic. This is why hempdox packaging is made of glass.

How to use HempDox Edible CBD

The best way to use HempDox CBD edible is sublingually (under the tongue). Titration or dose control is easily achieved by the number of drops a user places under the tongue where the oil is rapidly absorbed into the arterial system and is quickly transported to the brain and body. All a user need do with edible is use a few drops, wait for the desired effects, and either use more or stop as the situation indicates. Tinctures can be flavored for better taste. They are best stored in dark bottles in the refrigerator.